About Us

Serving the various health needs of Arizona residents since 2004, it wasn’t decided until 2016 to bring all the knowledge together and create a business where one can view information online. In previous years, Vaughn Beasley, the owner of Life Long Care and Health, LLC was only able to offer one company’s business line at a time. In the life insurance industry, we call this “captive”. As a captive agent, Vaughn was unable to offer companies that would be a better fit for a client. With this scenario, he would forgo offering his company’s products and suggest his clients contact outside companies because other products would be a better fit for their needs.

After years of doing this, the random thought while driving, came to offer Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicare Health Insurance, and Voluntary Benefits for multiple companies under one roof and on one website. Thus, the creation of Life (life insurance) Long (long-term care insurance) Care & Health (Medicare health insurance and voluntary benefits).

As a broker, we are now able to fit the correct services with individuals needs and the days of turning anyone away are gone. Your goal as an individual is to find the most complete coverage possible for your needs. Our goal as a company is to provide those needs, with at minimum three companies so you can select the plan that suits your family’s needs. LLCH was created to provide the exceptional service at times bragged about by clients. My personal goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the service you were looking for, the first time.

My name is Vaughn Beasley and I look forward to working with you. Thank you in advance for viewing the Life Long Care & Health website. It’s been many years in the making…